#Forum in Masseria

Monday 07 June 2021 we were guests of the “#Forum in Masseria” event held in Manduria in the wonderful setting of Masseria Li Reni .A real tourism laboratory where the “landlord” Bruno Vespa discussed with top-level protagonists on the restart and relaunch of the country, including Carlo Bonomi, Bernardo Mattarella, Alessandro Profumo, Mariangela Marseglia, Massimo […]

About Punto Casa Immobiliare

About Punto Casa Immobiliare
Punto Casa Immobiliare was born from the commitment and experience of its founder Madia Roma, who for over twenty years has been dealing with beautiful homes in dream locations and enhances the typical Apulian private homes, expressing a new concept of exclusivity, charm and comfort, in which coexist in a perfect combination, tradition and contemporaneity, past and present, elegance and functionality.

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