Today Punto Casa real estate of Madia Rome is a protagonist in the market of villas, historic homes, old farmhouses, fortified farms, high-level residences, charming apartments, both in Italy and abroad, operating with its own offices and professionals, in the first locations worldwide. Satisfied with the wide range of services offered to its customers, the prestige of its properties, the results achieved with the renovations, but with a keen eye towards constant improvement, in the enhancement of Apulian architecture and in satisfying the most demanding customers.

With this method it presents to the international market a wide selection of prestigious homes in Italy and in particular in Puglia.

Ostuni Punto casa


The correct market evaluation of your property is the first step!

For this reason, we at Punto Casa Immobiliare put at your disposal all our experience and professionalism, from the saleability analysis to the collection of all the documentation at the time of the deed.


From the choice of the property to the purchase proposal, buying a new home is often a complicated and delicate process at the same time.

For this reason, we at Punto Casa Immobiliare accompany you at every stage: we know how important it is and what we can do for you.

Appartamento Ostuni


On the right occasions, video can be an excellent means of sponsorship for your property.

We at Punto casa Immobiliare will take care of everything, from internal and external shooting.


In order to sell or rent your property in the best possible way, we carry out professional shooting!


Photography in our sector is very important, it is the first step to better show your property on online and offline platforms!

Real estate home point


The legal events connected to real estate transactions assume considerable importance not only by virtue of the high economic value that characterizes this type of property but, above all, for the fundamental role they play in the private and economic life of people. This is why we at Punto Casa Immobiliare are keen to accompany our customers by offering them accurate legal support.


Real estate taxation is a difficult matter and subject to frequent updates.

The taxes and duties concerning the real estate sector are numerous and different from each other, among all we can remember the IRPEF, the IMU and the registration tax. The taxes concerning real estate also differ according to the deed that you are going to sign. This is why it is important to rely on competent professionals in the sector.